Hear from Our Entrepreneurs

Bortolotti's Cin Cin


"Bob Egan has been a huge supporter of us, and amazing resource for us to ask questions and get help with challenges that we have had. Everyone there has been amazing to us.  It's been a really good experience for us.," said Jessica Bortolotti-Johnstone, owner of Bortolotti's Cin Cin Wine Bar & Bistro.


Universal Compounders


"I called the VCEDC and said I need a business plan and all of this other paperwork. I don't even know what this stuff is. They were very instrumental in helping me along, step by step. That was my first initial visit with them, and it was wonderful. Bob Egan would pop in every once in a while. He would give us ideas on how the flow of a business should go. Bob has been extremely instrumental in where I am today. Without the VCEDC, I would not be here,"  said Cheryl Hull, Universal Compounders.

Starlight Centers for Inclusion


"I signed up for the E-Seed course offered through Nicolet.  The VCEDC follows up with you after you take the course.  They help you even after - and they've stuck by my side since that course.  The VCEDC allowed me to become a tenant in the Hwy 70 Business Park, which I couldn't have moved forward with my business without it," said April Leanna, owner of Starlight Centers for Inclusion.



"They offered a marketing director, which I had not a clue I needed - or could afford - but now I know I can't afford to be without one.  They offered advice if I was thinking about something, and encouragement. It was a really good experience," said Chris Gaffron, owner of StitchIt.

The Rental Shack


"I learned more in that 10 weeks than I did in the four years prior by myself.  I wish I would have taken the E-Seed course before I even started renting my first boat.  I would have had a lot more organization for myself, and probably a lot less stress in those first four years of growing a business,"  said Dave Armour, owner of The Rental Shack.

Our Wisconsin Magazine


"We've grown from an idea to become the largest publication devoted to the state of Wisconsin, and a lot of that really was due to having a great place to work - and that was provided to us by the business incubator here in Manitowish Waters," said Mike Beno, Editor of Our Wisconsin Magazine.

Hear from Vilas County Entrepreneurs on how the VCEDC helps involve, invest and innovate.