A Message From Our Board Chairman

I continue to be privileged to lead the Vilas County Economic Development Corporation (VCEDC) Board.

In 2016, we created a new brand for VCEDC and it speaks volumes about our mission: "Involve. Invest. Innovate." We are involving our communities and business leaders; we are asking for investments of time and talents; and we are innovating in how we drive economic development in the Northwoods. VCEDC is a unique organization with a passion for change.

One critical goal of VCEDC has been to influence young people to learn about becoming an entrepreneur and future business owner in Vilas County. We need to work with the high schools, engaging students to consider becoming future business owners and employers so that our future economy is strong.

In addition, we have assisted the growth of broadband with new wireless towers and fiber in the county and will do more moving forward.

VCEDC has gained many supporters in our efforts. We have a strong board of directors, many community partners, and a proven track record after years of hard work.

But we need your help to continue. We are asking individuals and businesses to join us in financially supporting VCEDC. We realize we must grow more "private" financial support for our efforts.

Our goal for our 2016 campaign was $145,000. These funds will help us provide more tools, more training, and more resources for entrepreneurs and existing businesses in our county. Please join us. Your investment is tax-deductible.  Click here to view more information and a pledge card.






Carl Ruedebusch
Chairman, VCEDC

Facts About Us

Nicolet Entrepreneurial Training

Participants received scholarships from the Juday Foundation.

Graduates from the class



"Horant's Floral" suffered a devastating fire in Fall 2015. The Incubator had walk-in freezers that could be converted to refrigeration units, and Horant's moved their flower storage to the incubator. Four full-time jobs and three part-time jobs have been saved.

New Technology

"Goose Cap Media" is a recently opened full-service marketing and technology company focused on website and graphic design. Co-owners Scott Subach and Isaac Dowd are also providing 3-d printing and video production.

1) Enhance Financial Stability


Categories of Support

Vilas County

Board Members


Businesses, Individuals, and Banks

Foundations and Utilities

Diversify Fundraising and Philanthropic Efforts

Effectiveness: Prioritize and Mobilize Swiftly

Build Board Leadership Skills For the Future

2) Connect Information and Knowledge
   Within the Business Communnity

Further build our business relationships within the county. Help develop Vilas County's economic climate.

3) Link Entrepreneurs with Needed
    Skills and Resources

Leveraging our three business incubators. Work to link area entrepreneurs with all available small business resources. Expand entrepreneurial education.

3) Provide Technical Assistance
    Planning to Communities

Help communities plan for current and future infrastructure development

Invest in the VCEDC

hand-supportBecome a part of our success!

The VCEDC is, at it's heart, a community initiative. Individuals striving together to create a better, more sustainable future in Vilas County.

If you have an expertise you would be willing to share, please contact us!

If you would like to assist our efforts financially, click the Paypal button below or contact Bob Egan at 715-337-0061.  Your support will help ensure a strong and vibrant Vilas County!