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About the VCEDC


To create a successful public-private partnership that stimulates sustainable economic growth throughout Vilas County.


Provide innovative leadership and regional infrastructure to: improve the economic well being of businesses, communities and residents; promote creation and retention of viable businesses and quality jobs; and provide increased opportunities for education strengthening workforce development.


Connect resources to the various sector partners of Vilas County to improve the economic future of the county and the quality of life for all residents.

Our Latest Reports

Our History

Vilas County Economic Development Corporation grew out the Vilas County Board’s Economic Development Committee formed in May 2008.

The Vilas County Economic Development Corporation (VCEDC) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, quasi-governmental organization helping public, business and nongovernmental sector partners work collectively to create better conditions for economic growth and employment generation within Vilas County.

Our Focus

There are five main components of economic development that the VCEDC focused on:

  • Organizational Capacity and Leadership
  • Infrastructure
  • Business Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Community Cash Flow

Our Strategy

VCEDC strategies for economic development include:

  • Help existing firms become more efficient
  • Capturing and growing existing markets (tourism)
  • Encouraging start-up of new firms
  • Attracting new basic or export employers (industrial recruitment)
  • Using aids from broader governments

Our Target

The VCEDC will also focus on newer strategies for economic development, targeting efforts such as:

  • Youth Entrepreneurship
  • Creative Community Initiatives
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Growing Community Philanthropy
  • Regional economic development