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Randy Soulier

Randy Soulier

COO of the Lac du Flambeau Business Development Corporation

Randy Soulier, Chief Operations Officer for the LDF Business Development Corporation, began his career, immediately after obtaining his Associate degree in Marketing from Northcentral Technical College in 1993.

Several years of successful beginnings into practicing various marketing components led him to the doorstep of what one would consider a “break”. Cold Calling the CEOs of the new Lake of the Torches Resort and Casino led to a position. At that time, there was a CEO for the resort services and one for the gaming services.

Beginning as a beverage manager, then convention director and onward to director of marketing for the overall property was the solid path for years of learning and success to follow.

As of 2011, Randy’s marketing career will take a turn into more leadership and development. Recently relocated back home to Lac du Flambeau so he could participate more in his children’s’ lives and strive to make an impact for the economy of Lac du Flambeau, Randy assumed the role of general manager for the former Ojibwe Market.

His orders were simple, make it profitable, reputable and an enterprise for the community to be proud of. As he was fulfilling his orders and expectations, within that retail environment, the opportunity to become part of an advisory team and ultimately a founding director on the board for the Tribe’s first ever chartered corporation, LDF Business Development Corporation, materialized and became reality in August of 2012.

Over the next several years, employment within what the community knows as the LDF BDC rose to just over 100 associates and multiple units of operations. The Ojibwe Market became the LDF Country Market and is undergoing complete renovation internally for culture and service, then beginning summer of 2018, will showcase an entirely new facility focused on fresh offerings, in a relaxing and engaging atmosphere ultimately aligning with the new culture initiative. Remaining current, dynamic and responsive, ongoing education and certifications led to obtaining the intensive strategic marketing certification through Cornell University and Champion level certification in the coveted Six Sigma principles. Rounding out Randy’s ongoing education is recent obtaining of a BS degree in Integrative Leadership with Emphasis in Human Development from UW-Green Bay.

Whether you’re working with Randy or on separate work teams, you’ll always hear him share some guiding principles learned over years prior. “I can’t but we can” and “Have integrity by doing the right thing whether it can be seen or not”.