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Business of the Month:

Allied 100

April Business of the Month

Congratulations to:

Allied 100

1800 US Hwy 51 N

Woodruff, WI 54568 (Arbor Vitae)

Phone: (800) 544-0048

Abraham Lincoln once said,

“Next to creating a life, the finest thing a man can do is save one.”

Allied 100 Named Business of the Month by Vilas Economic Development Corporation

Jon Dobbs, an EMT for many years and co-founder of Allied 100, knew there was a void in getting life-saving medical devices to the general public, and not just have them in hospitals and ambulances.

“That’s not where they only needed to be,” said Jon. "The devices, or Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs), needed to be in schools, churches, and readily available to the consumer." AEDs are small easy-to-use medical devices that deliver an electrical shock to the heart as treatment when there is a sudden cardiac arrest.

Allied 100’s Mission Statement “Empowering everyone to Save a life” speaks to the difference made when those life-saving devices are readily available. Allied 100 prides itself as being a market leader in the sales, deployment, and management of AEDs and other life-saving products and services.

“Having a true mission and purpose behind what you do makes a big difference,” said Cindy Dunbar, Senior Director of Customer Experience at Allied 100. Jon and co-founder Ken Raupach, understood the positive difference that having AEDs out in the public could make from their own experiences in emergency situations and being part of emergency personnel. They realized that AEDS are meant to be public access devices, but people don’t know how to get them or are even aware of what they were or how to purchase them.”

With their core product being AEDs, Allied 100 quickly pivoted during the COVID-19 pandemic to sustain its business and jobs.

“When something as globally impactful like COVID hits it’s even more important to find a way to shift your focus to sustain your jobs and your company,” said Cindy. “You never really expect to grow during a pandemic, the goals for most were to maintain, and we were able to keep moving ahead and not lay-off employees. We had staff work remotely while still keeping our warehouse operating for shipping. We kept going and we kept our employees safe.”

With Allied 100 employing 100+ employees in total, 50 employees are located at the Woodruff facility. “We’ve been in a hyper state of growth for so many years,” said Cindy. “In the last few years as we’ve gotten larger, we began working with more people across the country. Now the company is branching into community and workplace safety and health, but it’s still all focused on helping people.”

This includes offering CPR training, personal protection items and first aid kits in addition to launching new air purification systems. “The COVID situation has presented its challenges but it has also forced us to look at other categories and it’s working really well,” said Cindy.

Allied 100 also prides itself on being one of the first companies to create a website that made their life-saving products accessible and affordable to the general public, from individuals to Fortune 500 companies.

“The cost of an AED starts at around $1,000,” said Cindy. “Our focus though is that we work with everyone to make it affordable for them. We go the extra mile to help with funding, discounting, and that makes us very different. We’re truly invested in the community and making sure people can purchase these.”

And not only purchase AEDs, but easily use them.

“So many people have this misperception that AEDS are difficult to use,” said Cindy. “They are so simple to use. You literally grab it and turn it on and the machine tells you what to do. The only thing you can do wrong is to not turn it on.”

Vilas County residents are fortunate to have companies like Allied 100 working in tandem with our tremendous emergency personnel.

“I know for certain that the AEDS we have distributed have saved lives in Vilas County,” said Cindy. “In one case, there was an elderly man who lived alone, but who had a network of people in the neighborhood to rely on. One neighbor took it upon himself to purchase an AED. One day the elderly man didn’t respond to his phone calls, and the neighbor checked on him. The neighbor called the ambulance, was able to use his AED and ultimately, saved his life.”

At Allied 100, the feeling of knowing you helped to save a life is beyond rewarding.

“We had another save,” is the message that goes out across the computers said Cindy, “and we celebrate that.” Living the Allied 100 mission she added, “Thank God for the EMT'S , nurses, paramedics and doctors, but we’re also always so honored to recognize that individual out there who on their own stepped up to save a person’s life.”

Congratulations Allied 100!

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