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Business of the Month:

Great Wisconsin Steak Company

Congratulations to:

Great Wisconsin Steak Company

Owner:  John McGraw

Phone: (715) 543-8111

It’s hard to imagine anything positive coming from a global pandemic. And yet, there are many examples; the passion and dedication from our front-line health care workers, civic and community leaders, and even, the innovation that is happening from business owners struggling to survive during a challenging economy.

John McGraw, owner of the luxurious Chippewa Retreat Resort in beautiful Manitowish Waters, is a perfect example of an innovative business leader. With corporate retreats, family reunions, weddings and family vacations postponed this spring, John decided to make something happen - to launch a branch business that supports their personal lifestyle. As a result, in April the Great Wisconsin Steak Company was formed.

“After starting a grain-free diet in 2019, my wife and I learned to source and cook grass-fed meat which is tougher than grain-fed meat,” said John. “We lost 15 pounds each and kept it off with our new diet. We have a state-of-the-art kitchen at Chippewa Retreat Resort and felt that during Covid-19 and beyond an online food business could be much easier than running a restaurant in the Northwoods.”

So, John embarked on studying the Sous Vide process, making cooking steak a science, instead of an art-perfecting the steak every time to medium rare, the way real steak lovers like it, John said. He added that they will start selling online, nation-wide in September, possibly sooner.

John says, “The best part of the new business is providing a perfectly cooked medium rare steak to our online customers. All they have to do is simply sear and savor!” For more information, visit

And the even better news? Since business has reopened reservations at Chippewa Retreat Resort are now hard to come by with new families and visitors enjoying the resort, Manitowish Waters, and Vilas County!

Congratulations to John for his innovative and entrepreneurial spirit to start a new business during a challenging economic time. He is an example of a true success story!

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